Magic Kitchen

┬áHi everyone and welcome to Magic Kitchen from Nika Entertainment. Magic Kitchen is a match 3 style arcade game with lots of new fun game play additions. Your job is to help the Sorceress and her cat Fluffyington gather ingredients for some culinary fun. The goal of the levels is to gather enough fruits and vegetables to create your recipe, the recipes and requirements continue to change as you progress. A fun twist in Magic Kitchen is as you complete levels and get to the end of a stage you will eventually encounter the evil Dr. Yolk! You’ll have to use your skills to defeat him many levels. It’s my favorite part of the game! There are lot’s of challenges awaiting you from carnivorous flowers, wetland grass, dangerous explosive cherries and lots more. Magic Kitchen has hundreds of levels and lots of great visual and audio effects.


I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing match 3 style games. I hope you stay with us and visit our page often, we will have lots of posts about Magic Kitchen , level guides, reviews and lots more. I hope you enjoy Magic Kitchen.